Republic OneCard

Why carry cash? With Republic's OneCard, access your funds at any Blue Machine, pay routine bills and check your daily balance.
The OneCard:

  • Provides convenience and flexibility as you do not have to go into the Bank to conduct routine transactions.
  • Provides quick and easy accessibility to your accounts.
  • Provides guaranteed security and confidentiality.
  • Is easy to use - simply punch in your PIN.
OneCard allows you to:
  • Pay for utility bills using your OneCard. No need to carry cash! (ATM withdrawal limit - $2,000.00/day)

What is the cost?

   At the Point of Sale
  1. Present your card to make a purchase.
  2. Cashier swipes the card through the terminal and enters the amount of the purchase.
  3. Verify the amount, choose the type of account: savings or chequing and enter your PIN.
  4. Your account is debited immediately and the Merchant's account is credited.

Simply complete and submit the Republic OneCard Application Form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your needs.

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