Point of Sale Terminals


Need to accept payments easily? Republic Bank’s Point of Sale Service allows you to do just that. We offer different Point of Sale Terminals to suit your everyday business needs.

Your business needs a way of accepting payments easily. The Republic Bank Point of Sale Terminal allows you to do just that! Through the Point of Sale Terminal, you can accept the following cards:

• Local and International VISA Credit Cards
• Local and International MasterCard Credit Cards

Various Point of Sale Terminals are also available to meet your needs. Here is the list:

  • VX 520 - Wired
  • VX 675 - Wireless
  • VX 680 - Wireless
  • Verifone engaged P400C - Wired
  • Verifone engaged P400M - Wireless
  • PAX terminal 920 PRO - Wireless

It's all about convenience and safety for you and your customers. There's no need to worry about having large sums of cash on your premises and funds are transmitted electronically to the bank so it saves you time! But best of all, with your Point of Sale Terminal, there's no need to wait for cheques to be deposited and cleared; nor is there a risk of cheques being dishonoured, or payment being stopped.

  The following are documents required to obtain this service:
  • Sole Trader – Copies of Certification of Registration and any form of valid ID
  • Partnership – Copies of Certification and any form of valid ID"s of all Partners
  • Limited Liability Company – Copies of Certificate(s) of Incorporation/Continuance, Notice of Directors, Notice of Secretary and any form of valid identifications of all Directors listed and the Secretary.
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