Republic Professional Loans

TOTAL FACILITIES Up to $250,000 to new and existing small businesses owned by professionally qualified persons
  • Start Up Working Capital needs
  • Machinery, Equipment & Other Fixed Assets
  • Acquisition on enhancement of factory and office facilities
  • Working Capital
    1. Overdraft or term loan - 5% - 8% of estimated annual sales /income
    2. Revolving Loans - up to 75% of working assets.
  • Machinery/Equipment/Fixed Assets - maximum 75% of cost
TERM Maximum 7 years for Fixed Assets.
  • Overdraft - on demand with annual review.
  • Revolving Loans - 3 to 6 months repayment.
  • Real property loans – 15 years maximum.
INTEREST RATE Rates for Overdrafts/Revolving Loans are reviewed annually
MORATORIA On capital repayments of up to 1 year
REPAYMENT PROVISIONS Depending on circumstances:-
  1. Fixed monthly installments
  2. Interest only with provisions for periodic lump sum payments in line with projected cash flow
FEES/CHARGES 35% Discount on all fees in the first year of lending.
INSURANCE PROTECTION Insurance acceptable to the Bank
  • Mortgages
  • Debenture
  • Mortgage Bills of Sale
  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Assignment of Contract Funds
  • Charge over marketable securities and readily realisable assets
  • Assignment of Insurance covering insurable assets for full value.
  • Keyman/ Life/ Group life insurance on principal(s)
  • Director's Guarantees
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