Republic Bank Financial Holdings Ltd President makes Official Visit to Grenada

St. George’s, Grenada; September 19, 2016: Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited on Tuesday September 13 welcomed President and Chief Executive Officer of Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL), Mr. Nigel Baptiste, on his first official visit to Grenada, since assuming this office on February 11, this year. Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited is one of five (5) subsidiaries of RFHL, whose operations Baptiste oversees.

During his 2-day stay, Mr. Baptiste met with the Bank’ management team, as well as staff of the various branches. On commenting on his visit, Baptiste said: “It is a great feeling, meeting and getting re-aquainted with the staff and the customers again.”

Prior to assuming his new position, Baptiste served on the Board of Directors of Republic Bank Grenada, for approximately 10 years, until 2011. He expressed optimism about the future of Republic Bank, as a major player in the banking sector in Grenada, likening the Bank’s presnece to that of a “marathon, and not a sprint”, solidifying the Bank’s commitment to the people of Grenada “for the long run”. RFHL, in a recent bid, successfully acquired 70% of the shareholding in Grenada which, Baptiste reiterated, further strengthened the company’s commitment to working with the people of Grenada to build a successful society.

September 20, 2016
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