Motivational sessions at St. David and St. Andrew

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St. George’s, Grenada; May 03, 2016: The distinctive sounds of excited squeals and cheers could be heard coming from the Church of the Immaculate Conception, St. David, and St. Andrew The Apostle R.C. Church, Grenville, at the recent motivational school tour facilitated by Mr. Don La Foucade, Managing Director of “In Full Flight!”, Trinidad, who has been delivering Motivational talks and workshops to secondary schools, on behalf of Republic Bank Limited, since 2013.

The two day Grenada presentations, also themed “In Full Flight!” addressed topics such as; positive self-esteem, development of new mindsets, and making wise choices, among others, and is the first of its kind to be held here in Grenada.

During his presentation, Don shared tips on building self-esteem and the power of positive thinking as vehicles for success. Using animated drama, he shared stories and personal experiences with the students, which had them thoroughly engaged and enthused from beginning to end. La Foucade also autographed special motivational bookmarks for the students, who also received tokens from Republic Bank.

These motivational presentations formed part of the Proactive Nation Builders’ (PNB) overall drive to empower young persons in the parish of St. David, through its NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) project, funded by Republic Bank, under its Power to Make a Difference Programme.

In September 2015, the Bank teamed up with the PNB, a group of individuals from St. David, who are dedicated to community development, cultural preservation and enrichment, academic advancement and the promotion of healthy lifestyles and attitudes, to facilitate a music literacy programme for schools/students in the St. David area.

NIMBY’s main area of focus is teaching musical instruments to students, namely, guitar, drums, steel pan and the recorder. Additionally, traditional and cultural folklore, song and dance are taught, with students given exposure to concerts/public performances in places such as Republic Bank (as part of their Independence and Emancipation commemoration activities), the Spice Island Beach Resort and the Grenada National Museum. It also included a learn-to-swim component, facilitated through partnership with Grenada Youth Adventurers.

Mrs. Marlene Neptune, teacher at St. David’s Catholic Secondary School and coordinator of the NIMBY Project, spoke of the overall need for programmes like and how pleased she was with the success of the programme, and the hope and motivation it provided for students in the St. David area. She was in high praise for Republic Bank, for readily agreeing to support this cause.

Approximately 500 students from both primary and secondary schools in St. David’s and St. Andrew benefitted from the motivational presentations, as well From 4 students from the Presentation Brothers College.

Republic Bank is pleased to provide positive alternatives to our youth and would continue seeking avenues to make a positive difference in their lives. The overall cost for this project is $30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand Dollars).

May 3, 2016
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