Angel Harps

St. George’s – July 18, 2014: The countdown to “Pantastic Saturday” (August 09, 2014) is on. Republic Bank continues to support the Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra for the 32nd consecutive year.

On July 18, 2014, the Bank made a contribution of $35,000.00 to the Band, to assist with preparations for the 2014 panorama season. Band member, Bernard Ross received the cheque on behalf of the Band. According to him, preparations for the 2014 panorama season are well underway, with rehearsals in full swing.

The Band is confident of capturing the coveted title for a fourteenth time. Already, they have re-captured the “Pan Expressions”, formerly “Bomb Tune” competition, held earlier this year and they look forward to retaining the junior panorama title, as well as regaining the national panorama champion title, which they’ve won on thirteen (13) previous occasions.

Republic Bank Angel Harps is the oldest known steel band in Grenada, and provides a positive alternative to young people by teaching them to play the steel pan. We extend best wishes to the band for a successful panorama season 2014.

July 22, 2014
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