TimeSaver Account

TimeSaver Account

Saves you time and money!

If you need regular and unlimited access to the funds in your account to make day to day payments and the convenience of electronic banking, TimeSaver is right for you!

Interest will be calculated on minimum monthly balances and paid at the end of quarter.

Here are the features of your TimeSaver account Here are the benefits of your TimeSaver account

FREE OneCard (ATM Card)

Convenience of 24-hour access to account via the Blue Machine

The largest ATM network locally

Immediate access to funds in an emergency

FREE OneCard Wallet

Protects your OneCard from damage

FREE Annual Statements

To keep track of your account balance

Withdrawal fee if the amount being withdrawn over the counter is within the ATM maximum transaction limit of $2,000 (over the counter) - $5.75 per withdrawal

Perform unlimited transactions each month - Blue Machine, at no additional cost

Automatic Transfers

Maintenance Fee- $3.45 per month
Maintenance fee waived for customers with loan accounts tied

Regular monthly transfers are made on-time, all the time, hassle-free!

Standing orders (system generated) - $8.63 per transfer

No restrictions on deposits

Building a nest-egg is easy!

  • Interest Rates – 2.00%
What you will need

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents:

New to Republic Bank?

One (1) form of Identification e.g. Passport and Driver’s Licence or NIS Card/National ID card of other countries
Proof of address e.g. utility bill
The required amount to open the account
Proof of income e.g. Job letter, copy of contract, pay slip
Reference Letter (In some cases)

Existing Republic Bank customer

One (1) form of Identification
Proof of address (in some cases)
The required amount to open the account

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