Republic TeleBanker

Bank by phone…The Easy Banking Answer

Republic TeleBanker makes managing your accounts and paying your bills easy and safe from the convenience of your home via a touch-tone telephone…even your cellular

Just dial 622, locally, or (473) 441-2702, from overseas, and enjoy the convenience of telephone banking

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
From any Location!

If you maintain a personal chequing or savings account at Republic Bank, you can enjoy the convenience of banking by touch-tone telephone…even your cellular with Republic TeleBanker, from any location.

No more time consuming trips to the Bank or standing in line. Simply pick up the nearest touch-tone telephone, skip the line and bank at your convenience, day, night or on weekends.

  • Current balance information on all your accounts at Republic Bank (excluding US Accounts).
  • Verification of information on specific items e.g. if:
    • a specific cheque was paid
    • a standing order or withdrawal was debited from the account
    • salary or other deposit was credited to the account
    • Information on the last five (5) transactions performed
    • Bill payment option for:
      • Cable & Wireless Grenada Limited
      • Digicel Grenada Ltd
      • Grenada Electricity Services (Grenlec)
      • National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA)
      • Columbus Communication
    • Customised Special Access Code i.e. Personal Identification Number
    • Transfer of funds between integrated accounts

Republic TeleBanker is a fast and efficient way to pay your bills.You can pay a select number of bills directly from your Republic savings or chequing account over a touch-tone or cellular telephone from any location.

* For Credit Card bill payments in US$ certain conditions apply.

Your bill payment will be processed within one (1) working day from the time of your Republic TeleBanker transaction.

With Republic TeleBanker, confidentiality and security are guaranteed through the use of your very own special access code. This four-digit code known as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is your private password for access to your Republic savings or chequing accounts. To ensure confidentiality you may change your PIN over the phone anytime - no one will know!

All you need is a touch-tone telephone!

Republic TeleBanker is FREE!

Firstly to apply for this service:
To register for this service, simply complete, print and sign theTeleBanker Application Form and mail or drop it off at your branch.It's that easy!

Please note that it will take approximately one (1) week to process your form. Once this is completed, your PIN will be forwarded to you via mail. If you do not receive your PIN, please notify your branch.

    Once you have your pin you can use this service by:
  • Call Republic TeleBanker at 622
  • Enter your PIN and account number
  • Follow the step- by- step voice prompts (Republic TeleBanker will tell you exactly what to do)

Simply complete and submit the Republic TeleBanker Application Form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your needs.

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